Scholar Audio

intellegent Audio Design


Greetings fellow Scholars.  I go by the name _christoffer_be.  If you’re reading this my guess is that you're either a creative in the realm of music and audio, or at a minimum work with one.  If so you’re in the right place.  


I created Scholar Audio for the same reason many of you have created whatever entity you’ve chosen to express yourself with.  I’m OBSESSED with sound.  I noticed young that I listened to music differently than my peers.  While others were content to merely jam out to songs, I would mentally dissect them into their component parts.  The overpowering groove of a heavy power bassline, and how it seemed to be in conversation with the drum beat fascinated me.  The shimmer of a hi-hat as it’s syncopation cut through a melody.  The tonality of a piano part played percussively with bounce and impact. 


That enthrallment with audio would turn to creation.  Laboring over beats with the singular focused zeal of a child playing with her favorite toy.  Looking up in bleary eyed confusion when interrupted with no ability to comprehend the amount of time I’ve been buried into the task of pursuing instrumental perfection. 


Yet with creation came frustration.  Scrolling through synth patch after synth patch searching for sonic inspiration turned my attention to learning how to recreate my favorite synth sounds as well as to create my own.  Just as with my fascination with songs and sound as a whole.  To go from consumption to creation.  


And this is where YOU come into the story.  I created Scholar-Audio for YOU.  The creative.  The music producer (which call music designer) who is FRUSTRATED by having the usual synth back full of uninspired and unusable sounds.  The rapper or singer searching for an instrumental to create a song to expression everything from their most profound to their most ratchet thought.  To the person in the midst of the practice and the process out taking a sonic vision from their head and fixing it into the tangible realm for others to experience.  To inspire, motivate and engage in both the philosophical and practical aspects of auditory artistry.  Hopefully you will find something of use here.  Hopefully you’ll find a proverbial “bassline” to be in conversation with your drums.  And find a sonic palette that allows you to paint your next masterpiece.

An artist must be free to choose what he does, certainly, but he must also never be afraid to do what he might choose.” - Langston Hughes