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70 PRESETS INCLUDED: 16 leads, 16 basses, 10 arcade style synths, 8 pads, 5 keyboards, 5 synths, 7 strings, & 3 fx

The Retro Futuristic preset pack was designed for those with a love of synths from the past who want to create the sound of the future. These presets are inspired by the sounds that emanated from classic synths that laid the sonic foundations for iconic Funk jams, Prog-Rock auditory experiences, and New Wave era hits. But these are more than just outright-emulations of yester-years sounds for the sake of nostalgia. As we've also used the inspiration of those classic sonics to create more modern forward looking interpretations of sounds that remain fresh while drawing upon the love of vintages vibes as an influence. And to top things off there are even presets inspired by vintage arcade and gaming consoles, just to keep the retro-futuristic creativity flowing.

*This product requires Xfer Records Serum VST.

All sounds (except for drums and percussion) come from the Retro Futuristic Presets Pack.

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